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I signed my previous Letter From The Editor with the word “onward”. When Editon 2 was published back in May, we were warped in a period of continuous unknowns. We asked questions about the state of the world, and within our contexts, the future of fashion, retail, and more personally, the progression of our education, health, families, and friends. Suddenly, the future was one big question mark, and 6 months later, we don’t have a lot of clear answers. “Onward” stood for the idea of resilience, something the MASH brand itself was built upon. “Onward” allowed for the acknowledgment that things were different, but in light of all that was happening, we still had room for discovery, ideation, and growth in the coming months. 

This fall has been different, for obvious reasons. The face-to-face interaction and collaboration is missing, but the spirit, motivation, and intention of the MASH staff has never waned. I am so grateful for every single member of the MASH team, our writers, and our executive board for believing in our mission, and working incredibly hard to bring it to life.  


This fall also marks the debut of MASH x USC, our first partnership outside of the University of Michigan. Throughout the summer, MASH’s executive team worked closely with talented USC leadership, especially the incredibly talented Kat Barden and Tate Schmergel. We look forward to a continued collaboration and congratulate them on their impressive first edition! 


The idea of Edition 3: The Statement Edition came from the big question mark we faced back in May. In light of COVID-19 and a country roiled in the pursuit for social justice, we took notice of how businesses were transforming their strategies and purpose. The Statement Edition is an analysis of how brands have seized this opportunity with a range of success, forcing the modern consumer to question the integrity of their actions and impact on politics, sustainable practices, and diversity and inclusion. 


The Statement Edition also serves as a call to action. It’s incumbent on us, the rising generation of consumers, to be asking questions, holding brands (and ourselves) accountable, and using our power to influence the trajectory of the industry. 




Willa Sobel

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