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2020 was a year when the idea of time went sideways. During the pandemic, time felt like it was passing glacially. Often, it was hard to remember what day of the week it was, especially when you find yourself wearing the same sweatshirt/sweatpants combo day after day. As fall turned to winter, we felt the urge to sprint to the end. We were desperate to be rid of 2020, rushing through the days, longing to reach that forgotten feeling of normalcy. Time in 2020 was just not normal, but often it was a gift. We were able to spend more time with our families, learn new skills, and focus on the things that truly add value. 2020 also gave me and the incredibly talented and dedicated MASH team the time and space to think about where we were headed, to learn about what is important to say about the business of fashion and to learn about what matters to you, our readers.

To wit, the MASH team began to reflect about the idea of time and timelessness. What makes something so valued in our culture, so indelible, that it earns a place of permanence? What makes something a “classic” that hangs in fashion’s “Hall of Fame”?

The Timelessness Edition also marks the conclusion of my leadership as the Editor in Chief of MASH. While writing my final “Letter to the Editor” feels bittersweet, I am so thankful for the amazing work this team has done over the past year. I am proud that we started with just an idea and built a thriving organization that has provided leadership experience to many, expanded our reach to a team at USC, and reached a state of longevity where it will continue to enhance the college experience of passionate students for years to come. With that, I am incredibly excited to pass the baton to my friend and collaborator, Sydnee Lubar. As the new Editor in Chief of MASH, I am confident Sydnee will continue to grow the brand and organization for the next generation of students and readers at the University of Michigan and beyond.

As we kick off 2021, I leave you all with a reminder to savor the time we are given. Thank you to MASH, thank you to the entire MASH team (I am so proud), and thank you to our readers!




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