The Michigan Journal for the Business of Fashion, or from here on out, MASH Magazine, is here to serve a purpose. MASH resides at the intersection of fashion, business, technology, and editorial work to bring this campus a fresh perspective through the eyes of spirited student leadership and greater community participation. Our vision is to shed light on the cultural, economical, political, and radical pressures that influence the design industry and in turn, push our world as a whole towards a more innovative and inclusive future. MASH will analyze the various facts of brands and their internal clockwork–how companies predict trends, the rise and fall of fast fashion, sustainability in manufacturing, and more. 

MASH is for those who spend time at the intersection. With one foot in the fashion industry, and another in the business, MASH strives to be the hodge-podge, everything but the kitchen sink, mish-mash magazine that provides content that can bring people from both worlds together. Our goal is to be the user-friendly, witty, inspiring, understandable, impossible-to-put-down, easy read that pairs perfectly with that early morning Starbucks before your 10 AM. Comprised of a dedicated team of leaders, MASH is curious, relentless, boundary-pushing, and thought-provoking. 

If anything in this letter sparked an idea in your head, made your heartbeat a little faster, or inspired you to close out of your monotonous Instagram recap, then join us. We are looking for the relentlessly curious, collaborative, and driven students who are ready to help launch MASH in order to make a name for itself on campus. Please contact us at umichmashmagazine@gmail.com


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