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MASH is a brand, a platform, and a community fueled by student perspectives at the intersection of business and fashion. Since our founding, we have proudly grown on our Michigan campus and beyond to showcase the ways in which our generation will make an impact as future industry creators and leaders. The ever changing fashion industry affects each and every one of us: the clothing decisions we make daily define who we are and what we hope to achieve, and the fashion icons around us influence and reinvent our culture. At the end of the day, no matter how much time or money you invest into fashion, style is purely an outward expression of your character and a significant element of your persona.
I have had the privilege of leading and working with 43 amazing individuals who all exhibit a shared interest surrounding the fashion’s significance and the investigation of its influence. Whether expressed through detailed market analyses, thought-provoking articles, or original graphics and art, I am constantly inspired by the ways in which my team fuels the meaning of MASH—illustrating the industry’s latest innovations, ground-breaking moments, and global businesses, which guide each of our own individual aspirations.
MASH is a dynamic family, thriving off of creative liberty and transparent communication. When first given the responsibility of Editor-in-Chief, I could have never imagined the immense camaraderie and support embedded within our foundation that brought me closer to every single member. Whether online or in person, I will always cherish the magic of our team meetings and the overwhelming collection of ideas and dedication that remain active throughout each and every day. Nothing means more to me than the trust my team had in me, and I am grateful for each member’s commitment to unified growth. There is a unique, almost indescribable strength and excitement that overwhelms me when I see our brand’s vision come to life; every step and tiny detail along the way, from our edition teasers to the final website drop, are fueled and curated by the most beautiful minds. Thank you to each and every individual who played a role in shaping MASH today and making my experience unforgettable.

So, M is for MASH and for meaning so much more to me than I could have ever imagined.

MASH has taught me the value of my personal identity, brand, and style.
MASH has emphasized my passion for leading a team to create something impactful.
MASH has equipped me with the dexterity to be a dynamic leader.
MASH has shown me just how fascinating the world of fashion can be.
MASH has taught me the power of communication.
MASH has proved to me the impact of a strong brand.
MASH has guided me towards realizing my true interests in entrepreneurship.
MASH has introduced me to unique ideas and writing techniques.
MASH has built a long lasting network.
MASH has introduced me to powerful women.
MASH has surrounded me with a support system of amazing people.

To the groundbreaking Editorial team:
You are the first group of writers to be a part of our MASH Editorial Membership program and I am so happy with the outcome. Without all of your ideas, enthusiasm, and dedication we would not have the amazing content and incredible editions that our followers read each month. Thank you for being a part of this organization and serving as the foundation of our editorial content that shocks culture through transformative analysis.

You are a bold fireball of originality and artistry and I am beyond excited to pass on the torch to you as the next Co Editor-in-Chief. Thank you for always pushing the boundary and for your outstanding dedication to building MASH and our friendship.

To each amazing Chair:
You are all the future of this organization and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. Each of you offer a unique lens through which our brand continues to flourish and I am always so excited to see what initiatives you commit to and accomplish.

To my unstoppable Exec team:

I am so grateful to have had you as our powerhouse editorial leader throughout our time on Exec together, and I am even more grateful that MASH brought us closer as friends. Your passion and creativity is contagious and your insights are always beyond unique. Our publication would not be where it is today without your leadership, expertise, and eloquent edge.

You truly have one of the most imaginative minds, and I am constantly inspired by your creative confidence and individuality. There is no doubt that our Instagram stands out, and I am always impressed by how you have shaped MASH as a brand. You are insanely fun to work with and I admire your epic visions.

Since working with you on the Business Development team, I have always appreciated your kindness and knowledge. You are the financial backbone of our organization and brand, and I am always learning from you. Thank you for your attention to detail and mentor energy.

Thank you for your rich passion for growing MASH. I love seeing you around campus and immediately being pitched enlightened ideas. You offer a unique fashion perspective to our brand, and I am excited to see what you achieve in the industry.

You are truly one of the sweetest people and teammates. Thank you for your patience and willingness to execute everything with perfection. I appreciate your effortless smile and energetic engagement that has positively fueled our mission and philanthropic initiatives.

I honestly don't understand how you are so talented. You constantly amaze me with your artistic abilities and original graphics, and I am so happy that I have been able to watch you grow as a leader. I cannot think of anyone better to represent the MASH image, aesthetic, and brand as the next Co Editor-in-Chief. Thank you for taking my critiques and for constantly breaking boundaries.

You planted the seed for something so special and I cannot thank you enough for trusting me to take on your role as Editor-in-Chief. I have always looked up to you and am grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow your initial vision into what MASH is today. When you first introduced me to the idea of starting MASH on campus, I was so intrigued by your grit and inspiration to develop something new and impactful. It is amazing how our shared passion for fashion and business brought us closer together as friends, creators, and leaders. You were the flame that sparked this spreading fire and it's only getting hotter and hotter (I don't know how that metaphor came to my head but it feels fitting).

I love you all.

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