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I have never been very comfortable with the passage of time; the knowledge that no matter what I do, the seconds will always turn into minutes and at some point, we all confront change, growing up and moving through different stages of life. With each milestone, however, I believe we leave behind a little piece of ourselves, a legacy, that has the ability to transcend space and time. As I prepare for my final semester of college, I’ve been reflecting on what legacy I’ll be leaving behind—who I have become, who have I made a positive impact on, what have I done in these four years. In the Dictionary of Fashion, S is for Senior because as my time on campus boils down, I return to MASH to reflect on the experiences that have helped shape what I leave behind.

If my legacy was a drop in the bucket of what MASH has become today, then I leave this school having accomplished everything and more than what I set out to do. In the past three years, MASH has tripled in size, has implemented new editorial features, and has expanded nationwide with presences on three new campuses across the country. MASH is currently led by a fearless and determined executive board who is unafraid to take risks and have truly committed themselves to ensuring the publication’s success and future. I stand now in awe of what MASH has become and without their unwavering vision, I’m not sure what this legacy would have amounted to.

I thank everyone on this campus who has, at some point along the way, partaken in MASH’s vision. Thank you to the first couple of Instagram followers who the original variations of our graphics and creative content were experimented on. Thank you to my founding executive board who gave MASH legs, blindly dedicated themselves to a mere idea and helped it to come alive. Thank you to everyone who has ever pitched an article, including us in one of the most vulnerable practices of sharing one’s writing. Thank you to the current leadership and editorial staff for taking MASH to places I never could have imagined. I can’t say it enough—thank you, thank you, thank you.

I let time pass with the confidence that this publication is in incredibly capable hands and will continue to be as future students come to campus and share MASH’s vision, finding their voice within this community. At the end of the day, legacy is not about what you have done but it is about how you have made people feel. Reader, regardless of your association with this publication, I hope that MASH has moved you in one way or another. I now proudly wear the title of Founder and spectate the continued growth and success of MASH from the sidelines, cheering on the future generations of leadership that will create their own legacy within it.

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