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Fashion taboos go hand-in-hand with fashion trends; for every new trend, there is a new taboo. By definition, something that is “taboo” is prohibited or restricted by social custom. So, fashion taboos can be defined as something that goes against the social norms or current fads. There are some taboos in fashion that have lasted a long time and persisted throughout various fashion eras, but as the fashion landscape changes, so do its taboos.

The current age of fashion includes many things that one would have considered “taboo” years ago. Socks and sandals have been a fashion horror for a very long time: this particular combination has been the butt of jokes in countless TV sitcoms and fashion “dos and don’ts” features. But, socks and sandals are currently having a huge comeback: Chanel dad sandals paired with white tube socks can be seen on the feet of almost every fashion influencer. Weworewhat, Chloë Sevigny, and Hailey Bieber have been seen flaunting this like not just “inside the house” but also out on the town.

Pajamas as evening wear are also having a moment—not just in stores but also on the runway. Brands like Sleeper feature silk pajama sets accompanied by feather detailing that perfectly transition from evening wear to bedtime. Who would have thought that a pajama set could be acceptable to wear to a fancy work event?
The most recent trend that used to be “taboo” is wearing slippers outside the house. Ugg platforms are taking over the fashion scene, selling out on almost every website. Paparazzi photos show fashion icons like Kendall Jenner regularly pairing slippers with jeans and blazers. No longer are slippers reserved for days when you don’t leave your house; comfort is now trendy. Uggs had their moment in the 2000s—you did not experience that era if you did not own a pair. After that, the trend fell off and became taboo, but it is now back and stronger than ever.

As with everything, there are now new taboos that used to be completely on-trend. For example, we once thought skinny jeans would be around forever, but they have now been swapped out for dad jeans/mom jeans/basically any other jean. Skinny jeans used to be the reigning queen of jeans, worn for almost any occasion and by everyone, but we are far away from that now. The jeans you should be wearing right now are wide-leg or slightly baggy. Even low-rise jeans are no longer a fashion taboo. So swap out your collection of skinny jeans for more comfortable pairs of relaxed fit jeans and get ready to enter the new era.

Chunky sneakers also had their big moment. Sneakers are very much in right now, but we never want to see the big white Filas that used to be the feature of everyone’s Instagram posts ever again. The sneakers to wear right now are all different styles of Jordans, New Balances, and Converse. There are so many color and style options that can be worn at any time– take it from any celebrity or model photographed by paparazzi. Wear sleek and stylish sneakers with jeans and a top for a more casual look or with a cute mini dress. The possibilities are limitless. So, stay away from the taboo of the chunky white dad sneaker and lean more towards sleek and stylish.

One of the best things about fashion is that it is constantly evolving; it never stays exactly the same. So, if something doesn’t speak to you, don’t worry, it will all change soon. Some classics will always be there, but for the most part, everything is going to change. What is considered taboo or not is also constantly evolving. One day you will think Uggs are the holy grail of fashion and the next day you will wake up and they will be featured at the top of all the worst dressed lists. The most important thing to remember is to wear what makes you feel most like yourself and what makes you happy.

Oh, and my advice throughout this article? It might all be considered taboo in five years.

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