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The Fendi by Versace Collection can be described as a fun, vibrant moment that brought the talent of Kim Jones and Donatella Versace together. Don’t think of this as your average collaboration, where the brands, legacies, and core members of different companies work together to create looks, products, and campaigns that are truly innovative and state-of-the-art. Instead, this unique moment in fashion can be characterized as an exchange of roles. Bridging Versace and Fendi visions together, two collections were born: Fendi by Versace and Versace by Fendi.

This collaboration between the luxury fashion powerhouses is unique in its enhanced brand recognition. With rumors circulating about the collaboration before it was even unveiled during Milan Fashion Week, there was an inherent desirability amongst consumers. Making the already exclusive “Fersace” collection an attractive purchase, the collaboration benefited both brands due to the fact that it is unlike anything in the industry. The scarcity of a “designer swap” within the luxury fashion industry should create a greater demand for the products, boosting sales of both companies.

With both luxury fashion houses generating $129 million in media impact value, there has been immense financial growth for both Versace and Fendi. Versace’s concept of “more is more” is complimented perfectly by Fendi’s approach to craftsmanship. The collection features signature prints coupled with loud colors to evoke a night-out aesthetic. One of the more standout pieces showcased slick Fendi LBDs stitched together with Versace safety pins. This collaboration is one for The iconic collaboration highlights the cultural impact of both brands by fusing the missions and ethos of both high-fashion companies. The designers participated in a full creative swap, highlighting the importance of friendship.

This “swap” was done out of friendship, symbolizing “the beauty of togetherness after time apart and a celebration of women.” Modeled by a star-studded cast— such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, and Amber Valletta—both collections have now unveiled a campaign dedicated to the launch.

Presented in two campaigns that enlisted the likes of celebrity models, Fendace explored the message behind friendship and synergy. Jones highlights Versace’s signature styles, such as safety pins and the iconic Baroque print, while Versace embodies Fendi’s sexy aesthetic. The collections were available for purchase at a series of global pop-up locations, with Fendi pop-ups housing the “Versace by Fendi” collection and Versace displaying “Fendi by Versace.”

Revolutionizing the way fashion houses interact with one another, Fendi and Versace emanate the unity the fashion industry should acquire. The Italian labels combined their signature elements and time-honored codes to pay a respectful homage to their friendship. This exchange of roles proves that the fashion industry is adapting to our ever-evolving needs in society to do better in many aspects of life. Fendace is a celebration of love, friendship, and culture.

In this ode to femininity and friendship, the elusive “swap” represents the most beautiful of collaborations. For the first time, Fendi’s double F logo appeared alongside Versace’s Medusa for a center-stage surprise during Milan Fashion Week. Both labels were daring enough to mash together their brand codes, unsure of public reaction, but ultimately, it was promoted and enhanced by all.

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