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Now that COVID-19 is dying down, everyone seems to have caught the travel bug and airline and travel industries are finally starting to recover. 1.8 billion passengers flew in 2020, a decrease of 60.2% compared to the 4.5 billion who flew in 2019. As of May 2021, the number of passengers on commercial flights since May 2020 has increased by 607%. While keeping in mind rules, regulations, and the safety of others during this pandemic, here at MASH, we recommend you take advantage of this increase in travel and visit three up-and-coming, stylish cities: Mexico City, Tel Aviv, and Capetown. Deriving inspiration from their unique cultures, climate, and attractions, it can be difficult deciding what to fit in your suitcase. Don’t worry - MASH has you covered. Here is the ultimate style guide for these three fashion-forward and culturally vibrant cities.
Mexico City:
Mexico City has a colorful history of fashion. Traditional Mexican clothing is characterized by vibrant colors derived from the environment: the mountains, the desert, and the ocean. Traditional clothing such as the colorfully embroidered festive ponchos known as Huipil were traditionally made for ceremonial dance festivals. The climate in Mexico City is typically hot during the day but chilly when the temperature drops at night. Layer up with this Inca Pyramid graphic sweater from Pay’s, a luxury designer that derives inspiration from both Mexican folk art and streetwear. They create modern clothing items that pay homage to the dress of their cultural ancestors as well as influencing Mexico City’s current fashion scene. All of Pay’s knitwear items are made from natural fibers and produced locally in Mexico City, benefiting their home city both economically and environmentally- and making it a socially and economically responsible purchase.
Tel Aviv:
Tel-Aviv, Israel’s busy beach city, is easily one of the most fashion forward cities in the world. Tel Aviv is the country’s fastest growing city, attracting waves of young immigrants to work in their innovative, cutting edge science and technology sectors. In order to keep up with their trendy millennial population, you’ll want to adopt their signature sleek, edgy style. Go shopping at boutiques like Brenda and Roni Kantor on what is commonly referred to as Israel’s main artery: the bustling Dizengoff street. Here you can find a variety of packed bars and shopping centers and observe the essence of Israeli fashion. Stop at Mel Boutique for unique and dressy affordable clothes or Couple Of, a shoe store that makes all of their shoes by hand in Israel. Then, throw on a leather jacket like this classic one from Allsaints to easily transition your look from day to night as you head to any of Tel Aviv’s electric nightlife spots.
Cape Town:
For your trip to Cape Town, take advantage of this city’s beautiful natural geography with a hike up Table Mountain. These elegant but practical Loewe and On collab sneakers are the perfect shoe to satisfy your adventure. Last year, Swedish sneaker brand On saw its biggest year yet, with a $7.3 billion market value, with an IPO that raised $746 million. These sneakers debuted at Loewe's Fall/Winter 2022 show and mark On’s first venture into the luxury world. Head to the V&A waterfront district for beautiful views of the ocean while doing some shopping at Cape Town’s trendiest markets and eating at some of the best restaurants this city has to offer. To find clothes from local designers check out Long Street and Kloof Street to get a taste of Cape Town’s young, hip influence on fashion. Cape Town is a very environmentally focused city, so to embrace this aspect of Cape Town life, come prepared with this patterned dress from sustainable brand Reformation.
Enjoy your fashion tour around the world. Bon voyage!

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