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Monday, October 30, 2023

In the age of crop tops and mini skirts, why have we suddenly seen a progression towards more modest and “timeless” looks? The era of quiet luxury comes at an interesting time in fashion history. In recent years, wealth has been showcased loud and extravagantly: by the flashiness of one’s jewelry, the amount of logos on a piece of clothing, and the size of one’s handbag. Nowadays, wealth is whispering and emulating the old Hollywood glamor types that we used to see in fashion. Some pioneers of quiet luxury in the fashion industry are brands such as The Row and Khate, known for their simple yet elegant designs, fabric choices, and color palettes. But now, many brands, including fast fashion brands such as H&M and Zara, have been hopping on the wealth whispers train. This begs the questions, what really makes this style so timeless? Running rampant through our tiktok feeds and instagram content, this era rapidly took over countless of our “capsule” wardrobes. Many are ditching their little going out tops for longer, more form fitted silhouettes; pieces that have been deemed “timeless”. The recent celebration for the uprising in silhouettes that resemble the age of old Hollywood glamor derive from influential stars from that era.
Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of sophistication, forever etched her style into the narratives of fashion history, notably in the iconic film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' She’s timeless. She’s classy. She’s the star of every girl's long winded fantasy to frolic around the Upper East Side of New York in a black Givenchy dress. Her grace, poise, and distinct fashion choices continue to resonate, shaping the present fashion landscape in unforeseen ways. From long sleek skirts to kitten heels—pieces once outdated due to the vicious micro-trend cycle, have made their long awaited comeback in a recent celebration of style.
Sofia Richie Grainge emerged as a modern muse, offering a poignant nod to Audrey Hepburn's influence. Richie’s ability to change the course of many young womens’ styles was exemplary. At her wedding in the South of France, Richie unveiled the timeless charm synonymous with Hepburn. Amidst the glimmering lights and the pulse of the city, she entered her afterparty in an exquisite vintage Chanel dress—a garment that evoked Hepburn's refined elegance, showcasing the endurance of a style that transcends the whims of fashion's ever-changing tides. In the days following the wedding, TikTok became the harbinger of style transformation, witnessing Sofia Richie's graceful evolution in the fashion realm. A shift away from more youthful, seemingly immature styles that we saw in her past, to a newfound elegance showcased in her wedding, mirrors a collective yearning for sophistication.
Amidst the whirling vortex of hyperconsumerism and ever-shifting trends, the ageless allure that Hepburn embodied has, at times, felt eclipsed. Fashion trends once embraced these microstrends vulnerable to a perpetual cycle, swiftly rendering trends of only one month old as obsolete. Yet, as of recently Sofia Richie Grainge’s style has reigned dominant in the fashion world, which has many young women longing for a timeless, elegant, and effortless style. Making their tiny tops and ripped jeans feel outdated. But will this “timeless” style last? Or will it fall into the land of lost trends, only to resurface in another 80 years?

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