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A Taste for Timeless

Fiona Kiefer

Mar 22, 2024

A Taste for Timeless

The year is 2024, and after years of tacky microtrends endorsed by TikTokers, influencers, and consumed by fast fashion fanatics, the slate has been wiped clean, and our palettes have been refined. We are no longer pretending to be something we’re not and have instead embraced authenticity. The only ‘T’ word on our menu is timeless when it comes to fashion from this point forward.

Fashion taste is personal, as it is the manifestation of someone’s personality, preferences, and values. This may vary, and trends are sure to change, but the capsule wardrobe remains. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that can be used to curate any outfit, without an excess of clothing in your closet. With themes of the Quiet Luxury style inspiring young fashion lovers to invest in staple pieces, closets everywhere are demanding preemptive spring cleaning. It is time we all make way for the fundamentals that serve as the basis of any outfit.

Many celebrities have become proponents of crafting both looks and lifestyles that reflect their unique taste, relying on essentials within their capsule wardrobe. With inspiration from '90s style icons Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston, the classic look is re-emerging as they are regarded for their mastered understanding of the ‘perfect outfit’.

This collective embrace of basics across all style choices reflects a shift in how young women consume and a rebranding. Where many might be formally noted as wild and trendy in their youth, they now represent class and a certain sense of settling down. This is shown by celebrities such as Sofia Richie, who point teenage girls and twenty-somethings everywhere towards the idea of settling into their sense of self and style. We are collectively ditching fast fashion and superfluous logos, which are representative of impulse purchasing, and are now opting for the investment pieces.

Investing in pieces for a capsule wardrobe should begin and end with knowing what makes you look and, more importantly, feel good. Every fashion lover’s wardrobe should consist of a classic white tee, a go-to boot, a little black dress, a comfortable sneaker, a perfect pair of jeans, and an everyday coat. For college students, this can be extended into a simple black or white going-out top and a tried-and-true pair of sweatpants that can be dressed up or down. Whether it be through shape or style, these pieces, although simple, should lean into your style.

Finding your style is no easy task, but you can begin by looking for things that make you feel good. Then, make further decisions based on what details make you feel most yourself, i.e., what kinds of fabrics, colors, and textures. There is also value in finding what inspires you; make mood boards and note what celebrities dress in ways you admire. After creating your capsule wardrobe, it is crucial to give yourself the space to explore what speaks to you as a person, and own that.

Brands are catering to this love for universal staples, with many fashion houses dulling the production of label-centered items and providing buyers with basic options from their respective houses. Additionally, more accessible brands like Skims, Aritzia, Reformation, Guizio, and Djerf Avenue remain hot commodities, as they supply endless basics to begin outfit creation. Magazines like Vogue are also noting this desire to embrace the capsule wardrobe, insisting on basic wear and providing tips for curating the ultimate essentials. Among these many articles, Vogue suggests hanging your clothing items in a closet all facing the same direction and turning them in the other direction after wearing them. The items that remain unturned no longer serve you and should be donated or sold. This approach pays homage to the qualities of Marie Kondo's organizational insight, only having things in the closet that are utilitarian and coming to a point in which your clothing only sparks joy.

All are being called to relish in the present and explore taste, explore the self, and begin the journey to feeling your best every time you get dressed.

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