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The PVH Foundation has announced their plan to invest $10 million towards resources which
seek to promote an accessible and equitable future of the fashion industry.
The PVH Foundation stems from PVH Corp., previously known as the Phillips-Van Heusen
Corporation. This well-respected fashion company with a 140 year history includes Tommy
Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, as well as three others. As of 1920, PVH Corp. entered the public and
listed themselves on the Stock Exchange.
This hefty investment will go towards organizations in collaboration with PVH which aim to
improve inclusivity and accessibility in underserved communities. Specifically, this will entail
funding programs which target high schoolers and novices who are interested in entering the
fashion industry. This education and training will focus on people from underrepresented
backgrounds, including immigrants. High school resources will focus on improving awareness
by educating the next generation on the diversity of careers and opportunities in the fashion
industry, as well as a mentorship program. For those who have graduated high school and are
looking to reenter the workforce or alter their career path, training of technical skills will be
provided. The partner organizations span from Asia, Europe, and South America. The
corporations included in North America are Creatives Want Change, Custom Collaborative, I
love First Peoples. Misa Hylton Fashion Academy, National Urban League, New Circles, and
Prep for Prep.
The chief executive officer, Stefan Larsson stated, “With driving fashion forward for good at the
core of everything we do, our new partnerships will help PVH make a greater global impact in
our communities.”
PVH has a history of serving the public good and their branding reflects their philanthropic
priorities. Their slogan reads “Iconic. Innovative. Responsible. Inclusive. #WeArePVH”.
Their targets include reducing negative impacts to zero, increasing positive impacts to 100%, and
improving over 1 million lives across their value chain. PVH’s focus on corporate responsibility
is encouraging in a period when headlines often read of profit and efficiency being valued over
positive lasting impact in the fashion industry.

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