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Artistry The Label is a Southern California based brand that prioritizes artistry and creativity as an alternative to fast fashion. Pieces are handmade from pre-loved and sustainable fabrics, and are fun and feminine while maintaining a commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible.


Kate Benzian

Kate is currently a design student at the University of Southern California who started Artistry The Label after falling in love with the process of upcycling clothes for her own closet. She’s passionate about sustainability, and has always been talented in the arts: thus, the brand is the perfect outlet for her creative skills and love for fashion.
Kate hopes that the future of fashion is more circular, and based on using all of the fabric that already exists. There’s so much textile waste that there really should be no need to make anything new. She also hopes that people learn to find their personal style, instead of following trends that accelerate the disposal of clothes.

Kate Benzian
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