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I have always had the capacity to visualize. Whether that be in my lifestyle, attitude, or schoolwork, I have been able to visualize what I want and work to attain that. However, I found myself struggling to do so when I was trying to find hats that fit my style. When expressing this to my family and friends, and seeing how much they agreed, I realized that I had identified a need in a target market. It started simply, my brother had been wearing the same hat for years because he could not find one that he liked better. I noticed how he, like myself and others, had made hats a mandatory part of their wardrobe. Whether they were throwing a hat to run to the grocery store or finding the perfect color to match their outfit on a night out, hats were everywhere; That is everywhere except for on my head. I searched every website to find one that best suited me. I would find a color I liked with a design that did not suit me and vice versa. This is where MotherTrucker byFranki was born, a small business in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and a girl with a vision. My vision is still the same, but now it has morphed into being more of a designer brand where my best selling products are trucker hats and travel bags.
The hats are created through a base model designed with specific colored trucker hats and then my own taste and liking of patch design that represent just overall a cool and fun vibe. The goal that I had from the start with the original product of the trucker was to really segment a gender neutral audience. I didn't want to generate one specific age, gender or specific type of person- so really thinking broadly in terms of how many people I could see actually in this color or in this patch was really what drove my designing and my business to be so successful initially.


Franki Kramer

My name is Franki Kramer, I'm a senior at Indiana University studying hospitality event management within The School of Public Health. I'm from Long Island, New York and Mothertrucker byFranki began in the height of a global pandemic and has successfully run for over a year now..

Franki Kramer
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