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Seasonless, sustainable, and “super slow” fashion may just be the future of the industry, and is embodied in one small business in Arizona.

​Started by three sisters, Rue, Tish, and Jael, Label by Three is, as said by one of the founders, the natural progression of their lifelong love of fashion and the creative process as a whole. As members of both consumer and creator culture, the three sisters are lovers of the designing process and are passionate about creating clothing under their own name. The team behind the brand is entirely composed of women, making their clothing from the hearts and minds of those who know what women want to wear. Minimal, chic, and versatile are all words used both by myself as a consumer - and founder Rue - to describe Label by Three’s aesthetic. The clothing embodies a breezy and dusty desert-esque color palette, paying homage to their Arizona roots and giving the brand a unique look and feel.

But what makes Label by Three truly special is their commitment to sustainable production, in more ways than one. At three years old, Label by Three can proudly say they’ve been sustainable from the start, having only ever used deadstock (otherwise wasted) fabric for their garments and recyclable, compostable materials for shipping and packaging. As a small business based in Arizona, Label by Three is committed to staying local, using a regional seamstress for their products and sourcing, and producing everything in Arizona.

As said by one of the three founders, Label by Three is seasonless, a welcomed departure from the clothing one might see in a rack at their local mall tailored closely to each season. The company’s artistic vision is all about the importance of versatility and timelessness in clothing. Each piece Label by Three produces can be incorporated into any woman’s pre-existing wardrobe, and is of quality that lasts a lifetime. Abandoning the clothing calendar, Label by Three promotes sustainability with their customers being able to wear their garments any season of the year. This versatility also allows the brand to focus on quality of product as opposed to churning out collections fit for just a few months. Label by Three’s seasonless idea is one that could change the face of the fashion industry, decreasing the amount of clothing manufactured as the start of fast fashion’s demise as we know it.

As entrepreneurs and fashion designers, the women behind Label by Three have spent the last three years learning from their mistakes. In both growing, designing and launching the young company, Rue, in her interview with us at MASH, communicated how practicing patience was one of the hardest parts of starting their business. Being self taught, the three sisters encourage both their own and their brand’s evolution over time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Label by Three reaching even bigger heights as a clothing brand as the founders continue to grow as designers and business owners. The future for Label by Three is bright with their expansion into more boutiques in Arizona and their upcoming brick and mortar shop in Phoenix this Fall.

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