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In the current fashion community, there is a rise in awareness of fast fashion practices coinciding with a push for more sustainable yet affordable brands. DoubleSoul captures this movement’s principle with a creative perspective on a neglected clothing item: socks.

After noticing that the sustainable movement has yet to include socks, the founders of doubleSoul hoped to close this gap in the fashion industry. In doing so they, “set out to create the ultimate go-to sock brand for gen-z and younger millennial consumers. The first component of that was creating a truly differentiated product from a comfort standpoint.” Additionally, they worked extra hard to adapt sustainable methods by using recycled materials and packaging and earth-safe dyes, such as GRS certified recycled materials and OEKOTEX certified dyes which are harmless to the environment. Implementing ethically sourced materials was not the only goal - creating comfortable socks with breathability and other features was at the forefront of the design process.

As a new name on the black in the fashion world, where socks are highly disregarded, the founders searched for a unique name that would appropriately reflect the essence of their brand:

“The name doublesoul primarily references the two soles of your feet. On another level, our name reflects our commitment to sustainability by communicating that the recycled materials we use in our socks and packaging are on their “second life”. Lastly, the name conjures imagery of people coming together. Everyday socks are simple and small, but everyone wears them – we wanted our brand to celebrate and underscore the sense of togetherness that can come from the small, mundane commonalities that we all share.”

Besides the reasons listed above, an ingenious name was crucial to grow a large social media presence. DoubleSoul found their voice on Instagram with regularly scheduled content curated for a certain demographic of inspired, organic consumers who believe in ethical practices and appreciated the vintage inspired marketing. With the help of social media, DoubleSoul has goals of growing the brand as well as implementing even more sustainable practices, including a recycling program for customers to recycle their old socks and a partnership with NativeEnergy – an organization that offsets carbon emissions by planting trees.

DoubleSoul is capable of making waves as an emerging small business by setting a precedent for how others should start their business: sustainable. With affordable and bold pieces, along with manufacturing that does not harm the environment, DoubleSoul will make its mark as a brand with a purpose.

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