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I can’t stop incorporating color into my life, and I’m not the only one.

​Maybe it’s because the sun is shining a little brighter, or due to the fact that the dark days of covid are finally drifting away, but as of recently, my accessories and wardrobe feel significantly vibrant. My neck is layered with colorful chains, my wrists are stacked with beaded bracelets, my fingers are adorned with bulky pastel rings, and I’m almost always sporting a lively color on top or bottom. Whether it's in the way I dress, wear jewelry, or even do my nails, I’ve found myself integrating saturated hues wherever I can.

Of course, lighter shades are always popular when it’s warmer out; yet, something about this summer feels different. After so many months spent indoors with nowhere to be and nothing to dress for, it feels like everyone is beginning to have a lot more fun with the way they present themselves - beyond just what they’re wearing. We are making up for the summer season that we lost in 2020.

Smiley faces, peace signs, and flowers are in again. It’s fresh, yet familiar. The same beaded friendship bracelets we made when we were in middle school and at summer camp are coming back, and adding a youthful flare to sophisticated outfits. People are wearing beads in their hair and even attaching them to their phone cases. It seems like we’re all just craving a new energy, and perhaps a sense of nostalgia.

When we were little, life was colorful. As we’ve grown up, we’ve been encouraged to see things in black and white... to be professional, to be adults. Today, however, consumers everywhere are lightening up, and hopping on the color wave.

Big names and brands are taking advantage of these trends–every store that I’ve walked into lately is bursting with color. Take Zara, for example. The brand notes that its Spring/Summer '21 campaign “is a love letter addressed to the leading spring 2021 color trends... make your sunshine-filled fantasy feel all the more realistic.” Think: the sweetest shades of pastel yellow, natural green tints, and pops of pink.

Urban Outfitters is also flooded with vivid tones. Dresses, rompers, and both men’s and women’s graphic tees are as quirky and bright as ever, with an emphasis on bold blues and garden greens. Urban’s latest Forbes report suggests that its summer palette, branding, graphics, and signage have played a critical role in its optimistic projectory. COO Frank J. Conforti predicts that the brand will “reach $1 billion in sales within five years.”

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve most definitely seen Martha Calvo’s bubbly pearls, chains, and beaded necklaces. Despite the jewelry's childlike, handmade allure, pieces are selling anywhere from $80 to $275. With high demand for these looks, companies and brands are successfully upping their prices and ultimately selling out.

For me, pairing a neon tank, a wrist full of beads, and translucent jewelry with a pair of classic high waisted Levi’s makes me feel young and girly, while sleek and sophisticated at the same time. By pairing classic denim with a bold shade of orange, I am creating a look that is 2000's-esque, flirty, and fun. As summer quickly approaches, go buy some beads, get creative, and get inspired by your favorite colors. Nothing is too bold or too bright - now is the time.

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