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In a conversation about the revolutionizing engines of modern-day fashion, it would be a shame not to talk about the brand that has disrupted the entire industry. I.AM.GIA: the label that influencers and celebrities can’t get enough of. A 2000s aesthetic with a masculine flair, the garments are simply iconic, standing out from other popular brands. But who are the creatives behind this label that’s popping up left and right? Better yet, who is “Gia”?

I.AM.GIA's origins started when founder, Alana Pallister, was afloat in a sensory deprivation tank. As a self-taught female who launched into the fashion industry by happenstance, Pallister’s inner voice urged her to create a fictional character that all women could relate to. She said in an interview with In Style, “I wanted her to be, like, every nationality, every body type. Every look that there is, I wanted Gia to be.” In 2017 Gia was just a concept, but now she’s the driving force behind every business decision. Throughout the fluidity of the company, the same question remains: “What would Gia want?”

By giving the brand human-like qualities such as independence, power, and strength, I.AM.GIA came to life and flourished quickly. With roots in Australia and headquarters in the US, the company has established a foothold in markets all across the globe. Although little public information is available on specific metrics, the company’s revenue in fiscal year 2021 and 2022 ranges from USD 10 million to USD 25 million, classifying it as a big enterprise company.

Not only has I.AM.GIA experienced significant profits, but it's become a brand that’s sported by supermodels, popstars, and public figures alike. As these influencers add I.AM.GIA pieces to their personal wardrobes, they naturally showcased the clothing through social media platforms and fans went wild, all yearning to get their hands on the brand. And just like that, social media became the catalyst for I.AM.GIA’s abundant growth and the center of their marketing strategy.

You might think that a brand who’s presence is rooted in social media would prioritize keeping up to date with trends when in the product development stage. But this is not the case for Gia. When crafting new attire, the brand never relies on trend research to fuel their decision-making. Instead of following the status quo, it starts its own fashion movements. And, in doing so, it’s become an inspiration for females all across the globe. I.AM.GIA encourages females to stop opting for the same basic pieces and to instead clothe themselves in a way that makes a statement. This statement is powerful, because by dressing like Gia, you are Gia, and Gia is you. She’s the good that’s in every single one of us.

Shilpa Shah, the co-founder of Cuyana, a women’s brand known for its luxury apparel and accessories, said in an interview with Fashionista that, “ 2022, my prediction is that brands will lessen their retail footprint, but deepen their investment into the functions and services that each space has to offer.” Gia is already ahead of the game. Not only has it established themselves as a fluid company that’s constantly adapting to fit consumer needs, but is taking a futuristic approach in transforming the culture of their workplaces, internally. This entails supplementing their e-commerce platform with the expansion of their Los Angeles hub into a brick-and-mortar store where wholesale, design, and head offices will also be housed. By intertwining customers and employees in one common space, founder Pallister’s goal is to create a comfortable, family-like environment that welcomes in customers and employees alike with open arms. With a cutting-edge approach that has rattled the market, leading consumers to search for something more than a purely transactional experience, Gia has left her mark on the industry for the long haul.

A price tag middle-class females can still afford but quality that has top designers and influencers rocking pieces all over the internet make it clear that Gia has its bases covered. She unites us all and encourages us to remember we are walking pieces of art with an abundance of worth, and our style can and should reflect that celebration of identity.

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