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Looking good and feeling good are undoubtedly intertwined. When we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we look good. With that said, it is no surprise that products that promise us positive benefits –– such as smoother skin, thicker hair, or stronger nails –– are alluring. As we transition out of the pandemic, wellness has pervaded every aspect of our lives. With our favorite influencers, friends and family, and even trusted doctors emphasizing the importance of our mental health, we are all the more inclined to purchase products that aim to leave us feeling well, both physically and mentally. One of the newest, most exciting, and perhaps unexpected ingredients found in these ‘feel good’ products is Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol — or CBD from here on out— is one of the two primary ingredients in cannabis plants in addition to Tetrahydrocannabinol (let’s just call it THC). Although CBD is in marijuana, it’s a natural chemical compound that doesn’t have any psychological effects. Simply put, THC gets you high, and CBD does not. After the 2018 legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoids containing less than 0.3% THC, society has become entranced with CBD and its beneficial effects. The market has caught on to this obsession as well, with the CBD industry expected to reach a value of $16 billion by 2025.

Recently, CBD has become a must-have ingredient in all beauty products. But why? For starters, it has a “do-anything” reputation. CBD consumption has shown to be effective in alleviating anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. When applied topically, initial research has shown that CBD can assist in hydrating dry skin, regulating oil production, and reducing inflammation. With a 60% increase from 2020, the CBD beauty segment of the market is forecasted to reach $720 million this year. Celebrities have been touting the benefits of CBD-infused beauty products on social media, and companies from CVS to Urban Outfitters to Neiman Marcus are carrying them in store.

Let’s face it, CBD is everywhere. Most notably, it’s in beauty cabinets and skincare containers. A wide range of beauty products including serums, moisturizers, bath salts, toners, cleansers, masks, and even lip balms can now contain up to 1,000 mg of CBD. Research has shown that the higher the percentage of CBD, the more effective the product is at providing its benefits. Lord Jones’ Detox CBD Face Oil, for example, promises to help clarify and moisturize the skin through its 300mg of CBD. Some other best-selling CBD brands include Vertly, Saint Jane, and Kana. Even established companies like Sephora and e.l.f. cosmetics have created their own CBD-based beauty lines. CBD products range in cost, but tend to be at a more affordable price with some items selling for as little as $20.

So why does it make us feel so good? Aside from promoting a healthy nervous system and reducing anxiety and depression, CBD actually increases and adjusts our energy levels. This is due to CBD’s ability to improve blood flow throughout the body. In other words, when you use CBD-based formula, your mood can improve and your entire body will feel good. There’s a science to it.

As we emerge from the pandemic and slowly but surely ditch our K-95s, our skin (and smiles) can finally be seen. Thanks to CBD beauty, we now have access to a healthy way to take on this season’s must-have, skin-baring looks. Whether you’re sporting loungewear to class or rocking a summer sundress, clear, glowing skin is the perfect accessory to complete any look.

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