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​​Regarding the larger machine of the fashion industry, I honestly don’t pay such close attention to it but I do know that it is the second biggest contributor to global waste and is not sustainable to break down, which is not good for our planet at all and that's not cool.
What is cool though are independent designers who make their stuff made to order to avoid accumulating waste…like myself, so go visit and or follow me on IG @delsenisauce before you wind up doing it anyway down the line.


Matthew Delseni

My name is Matthew Delseni and Delseni Sauce Studios is me. It serves as a vehicle for my creativity and passion for design and fashion where I have the freedom to make whatever I want without working under the context of a “brand” I just make what I want to wear and I’m grateful that other people like what I make too.

Matthew Delseni
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