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Inspired by the boundaries that women have broken in the fashion-business world, MASH Magazine released Edition VI: Comme des Femmes on April 1st, 2021. In conjunction with our edition theme that highlights the innovations of female founders, designers, and business pioneers, our team is partnering with The Pad Project to give back to a cause that resonates very deeply with our all-female executive board.

The Pad Project aims to end the menstrual inequity that exists in our world today. Many women around the globe do not have the resources to obtain necessary feminine hygiene products. This lack of access to such fundamental resources has caused an epidemic of women staying home from school or work due to it being “that time of the month.”

Our team designed apparel and stickers that align with our edition theme: Comme des Femmes. 100% of profits received from our merchandise drop will be donated to The Pad Project to help fuel their initiative to put accessible pad-machines in places of need and to host workshops in communities that lack knowledge of proper feminine hygiene.

Moreover, The Pad Project produced short-film Period. End of Sentence. in 2018 to shed light on the feminine-care accessibility gap existent in many communities around the world. MASH is hosting a screening of this Oscar winning short-film on Monday, April 12th at 7 PM EST through Netflix to not only end the stigma surrounding menstruation, but to also educate members of our own society about a global problem.

Like The Pad Project says, “A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education”. At MASH, we agree and would greatly appreciate your support making the dream of  easily accessible feminine-care a reality.

On Monday, March 1st, MASH Magazine released Edition V, High-Tech Humanity: The Creative Code, exploring the role of technology in the world of business and fashion. Sydnee Lubar, MASH Editor in Chief, collaborated with Brett Gray and his company Soho Youth Club to create an Edition V inspired sweatsuit with an impactful objective. 


Gray’s vision for Soho Youth Club is unlike many others, as each clothing drop is accompanied by a purpose-driven philanthropic initiative. Inspired by Gray’s mission, MASH and Soho Youth Club partnered with the Robot Garage and FIRST in Michigan to support the facilitation of robotics programs for adjudicated and at-risk youth in Michigan. Soho Youth Club and MASH’s collaborative sweatsuit profits will fund intensive 12 hour virtual robotics workshops for students in these residential centers. Participants will eventually have the ability to join a FIRST in Michigan robotics team in order to continue the discovery of their own capabilities.


The goal of this initiative is to equip adjudicated youth with skills in STEM, business, and marketing that they never knew they could possess in order to empower aspirations for career success. Help us make an impact by purchasing MASH X SOHO YOUTH CLUB merch - link in bio. 


Shoutout to designers Julianna Lukacs and Jordyn Staff, members of MASH’s Executive Board, for their designs, as well as Jordana Levine, new MASH Editorial Member, for connecting MASH and Soho Youth Club with the Robot Garage and FIRST in Michigan.

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