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In the beginning of 2020 I began to create content surrounding positive mental health topics on TikTok. With videos such as "Reasons to Smile" or "Reasons to Keep Going", I found myself excited about the ability to create positive impacts on random strangers around the world. During this time I ended off each video with the words Keep It Wholesome and it quickly became our community tagline.
Throughout the past year we were lucky enough to be able to do incredible things through our community - even crowdfunding a school in Malawi! In addition, we started the Keep It Wholesome clothing line, dedicating a % of profits towards mental health organizations and other non-profits.


Simon Kim

I believe that fashion can be empowering.
Whether it is bracelets, tshirts or hoodies, wearing something that can give you a small reminder to keep going can make a huge difference. If one of our products can provide a small reminder that helps someone who has been struggling, then all the work is worth it in the end.

Simon Kim
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