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Paige Alysa Swim is a handmade, eco-friendly swimwear line working to combat the lack of sustainability efforts within the fashion industry.
My goal was to make bikinis that not only look good but also do good for the environment. All bikinis are handmade by me, using eco-friendly fabrics made from ECONYL®—nylon that is regenerated from ocean and landfill waste like industrial plastic, fabric scraps, and fishing nets. I am so passionate about slowing down fashion and if we all start becoming more conscious about what we consume, we can help reduce plastic pollution, decrease GHG emissions, conserve water, and so much more!


Paige Macnguyen

Hey everyone, I’m Paige, and this past summer I launched and designed my swimwear brand, Paige Alysa Swim.
Growing up by the ocean, the coastal lifestyle has become a central agent of both my passions and identity. Hand-crafting pieces right from my bedroom, I aim to employ thoughtfulness into every aspect of my brand.
The creation of Paige Alysa Swim intersects my interest in beachwear fashion with my concern for the intensifying climate crisis.

Paige Macnguyen
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