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Shade Collective is ethically sourced, sustainable, and created by people who have living wages. All the fabrics I use are garment dyed, machine tested for resistance, and pre-shrunk to ensure a consistent fit. From the t-shirts, to the sweatshirts, and the pants, there is a high quality feel reminiscent of something like Vetements or Balenciaga which is exactly what I strived for.
I want to create separation from other streetwear brands with the caliber and exclusivity of my garments.


Spero Xanthos

My name is Spero Xanthos, and I am the founder of the Shade Collective. My love for fashion stemmed first from my interest in drawing and art, as I have always loved to go to museums as a kid and explore the intricacies of every piece. As I grew older, I became more fascinated with the changing trends in fashion and the creative directors that commandeer the brands, their qualities and styles, and the personal touches they add to every collection. I then started to get serious about creating my own brand when I familiarized myself with photoshop, on which I was creating mockups and layouts for designs and the fitment of the clothes.
I place a large emphasis on quality over quantity, which is why my clothes are so limited, as I have sewn on all the tags and done all the designs completely by myself. I think this is so important as fast fashion seems to wreak havoc on the environment and factory workers nowadays, and the appeal of cheap clothes has only increased as time goes on. I am focusing first on essentials which consist of a cotton loungewear/streetwear aesthetic.

Spero Xanthos
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