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Tonguetied Apparel reworks authentic thrifted & vintage clothing into unique one of a kind pieces for gameday, concerts, and everyday wear. Tonguetied's goal is to #leavethecrowdspeechless by creating unique pieces that no one else will be wearing!


Sylvia McClure

Sylvia started Tonguetied as a hobby back in college in 2018, and it turned into her full time job when she got laid off due to covid in 2020. Sylvia's love for sports, fashion, and edgy reworked clothing come together to make Tonguetied what it is.
Hopes for the future of fashion: As consumers are beginning to pay attention to how their clothing is being produced, I hope that more companies will begin to explore sustainable clothing options for their brand. I truly believe that reworked/sustainable fashion will take over the fashion industry one day!

Sylvia McClure
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