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The “Fashion Killa,” more widely known as ASAP Rocky, has always been seen as a double threat since he struck fame in 2013. With a fanbase that’s as interested in his stylistic choices as they are wild in his music, Rocky uses his on-stage presence to transcend the lines bordering music, style, fashion, and culture. And this isn’t just a recent hobby of his. Rocky has always been categorized as a style god. Embracing his individualistic approach to gender-fluid fashion, ASAP Rocky claims his stardom with his ability to stay true to himself. As an icon, he represents a new era, an era in which people express their individuality and manifest their creativity through their fashion specifically.

Since the explosion of Rocky’s first album, Long, live.A$AP, the rapper has been cementing his title as a star in the fashion industry as well as the music industry. From contributions in editorials with designers to appearances at the Met Gala, there’s no doubt the fashion world is making space for the fashion killa. Revered from an artistic standpoint, Rocky has pioneered the way rappers in the industry embrace their culture and style to coincide with their music. He stays current on hip-hop’s evolution to spotlight what he feels matters with the aim of progressing the genre in modern society. Rocky’s criticism and mentorship of rising stars stem from his belief in individuality. With his work categorized by his ability to ride the beat, manipulate vocals, and incorporate quality instrumentals, Rocky’s music is influenced by his way of life, stating that everything he does is what he lives.

With ASAP Rocky’s encyclopedic fashion knowledge, it is no surprise that many of his songs dedicate lyrics alluding to high-end lines and designers. Songs like “Holy Ghost,” with the lyrics, “Holy smokes, I think my pastor was the only folk to own the Rollie, Ghost and Rolls Royces with no Holy Ghost,” and “Jukebox Joints” with lyrics, “Call my Prada prior, cause it’s dropping next fall,” the rapper displays his knowledge of the fashion world for his fans to hear and fantasize about. And his fans aren’t the only ears Rocky is able to reach, but that of major fashion houses as well. With multiple collaborations under his belt, including a collection with JW Anderson, a shared vision with Alessandro Michele for Gucci, and four collections with Pascun, Rocky knows how to sell a lifestyle. Along with his partnerships, ASAP Rocky has also launched his creative design agency, AWGE. Fostering his relationship with Mercedes, which began in 2016, the rapper has developed collaborative products with the high-end vehicle powerhouse. Broadening his applications when it comes to his personal style has given him respect in multiple industries, including fashion.

“I wake up think about designs, I go to sleep sometimes I think about rhymes.”-ASAP Rocky. The rapper speaks on how he succeeds creatively, mentioning that it’s more than just his job, it’s his lifestyle. In an attempt to strive for individuality, there is nothing ordinary about Rocky from his looks to the decisions he makes. He claims that he rather be an outsider and true to himself than someone simply going through the motions as a follower.

An artistic genius in regards to the duality of his character, Rocky splays his interests to the public. Whether through his music or his outfit choices, the rapper makes sure to leave a lasting impression on anything he touches. At the 2019 Pre-Grammy Gala, Rocky dressed in an oversized pink suit, taken straight off the runway at the Fall/Winter Loewe showcase at Paris Fashion Week. Critics and fans can both agree that ASAP Rocky has been supplying the masses with effortless stylistic choices. With his personal style growing in confidence, today he is not just a musician but an influencer to designers, brands, and the public.

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