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“Visore” is French for challenging the status quo. This term is taken to heart by the Paris-based brand Visore X, a one-of-kind, multiplatform space that aims to revolutionize the connectivity of fashion and technology while giving a voice to a global community. By fusing aspects of a magazine and marketplace, Visore X is the perfect avenue to explore brands, artists and products in a single space.

Established in 2019, Visore X was inspired by the principles of community and connectivity served, per Co-founder Karim Coppola. He aimed to make the viewer the creator, and represent the voices of his community and peers. From the team’s makeup artists to videographers, everyone has a voice, and these voices are illustrated in Visore X’s content through the art direction and diverse styles.

“It is important to us to find the right balance between product placement and the brands we work with, and the creative storytelling that is very often linked to casting, the tech pillar and some social issues. We make sure that these pillars come together and also catch the attention of our community,” says Coppola.

In January 2021, the brand launched its online platform, The digital showroom features a wide array of handpicked brands and talents where visions are brought to life through computer-generated imagery, art direction, and 3D animation. Coppola explains how the main idea behind the platform is to support international brands with strong and creative content, while also offering new avenues to sell their products.

“When we create content, we also adapt to the brands that we portray, because we want to give brands new possibilities to speak to our communities,” says Coppola. “From the beginning on, there was a strong focus on fashion tech, but at the end of the day, what matters is to have strong visuals that represent our community and illustrate what our brand partners want to showcase.”

An advantage of the digital platform is that it allows Visore X to reach a global audience and connect with consumers and brands from all over the world. With such diversity comes versatile content, as Visore X must differentiate products and tailor them to specific consumers. Product differentiation takes a step further when addressing Visore X’s two target audiences: millennials and the tech-savvy Gen Z.

“We’re trying to create content that is at the intersection of these two audiences,” says Digital Marketing Coordinator Andrea Pérez. “We want to connect the audiences with mobile technology, and that’s what differentiates us from other publications and marketplaces.” In terms of content creation, Pérez aims to balance targeting specific audiences versus general users. “Working with sustainable brands and vegan makeup artists, while having our values and artistic direction in mind, allows us to have a creative process that is smooth and aligned with what we want to illustrate,” she explains.

From emerging designers like KVRT to well-established brands like Prada, Visore X has it all. Brand partnerships such as Acne Studios, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney and more are a key aspect of the company, and different models are offered depending on each partnership. “We must differentiate between a really young, emerging designer that may not have the budget to invest in monthly payments and subscriptions, and an established brand on a budget, and very big ones that have a budget but are more skeptical,” says Coppola. From well-thought-out brand placement to tailored offers based on budget and market positioning, content is carefully crafted and sought after for long-term partnerships.

A still young and hungry company, there is much in store for Visore X. Coppola and Pérez gleam with excitement for their future plans, including in-person initiatives following the Covid-19 pandemic. With such fresh and creative content, and a driven and impressive team, Visore X is just beginning to challenge the status quo.

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